Social Media Lessons Learned

I’ve just completed an 8-week course on social media and have only scratched the surface.

I’ve learned a great deal about personal branding through social media- like how there are about a million different sites, platforms, apps and groups to help you reach audiences you never knew existed. I got really focused on cleaning up and updating my various social media accounts (which were sorely out of shape) so they would have a cohesive image for my personal brand. It made me realize the different voices I used for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and to make sure they all sounded like they were coming from the same person.

I think the portion I was most intrigued by was the podcasting. I could have used another 2-3 weeks working on episodes. I would like to focus on creating a complete series, and now feel that I at least have the skills to launch such a project. I feel like podcasts and YouTube will most effectively help improve my personal brand.



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