How Social Media can Work for You

Like many people, I already have a LinkedIn account but knew it needed some updating to be more effective. I went online to refresh myself with the site and to expand my network of people and join some new professional groups.

My brand is all about being social and attending/promoting events. I am interested in live music events (such as concerts and festivals) and enjoy sharing my adventures on social media and my blog. I hope to be able to create strong networks both within and outside my company, and to be able to effectively communicate my enthusiasm to a multitude of audiences. Having a job that you enjoy makes the work easier, and I believe that is a strong possibility for me in my field.

I am currently present on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress. While it can be challenging to mold your brand strategy to fit a range of social media platforms, when done successfully it can create a great brand cohesion for all audiences. It is important to understand your brand clearly before attempting to create a persona on any social media site.

I was fortunate enough to understand my brand early on, and have maintained all of my profiles in that fashion. Since my brand is me – and I am the brand – as long as I am true to myself and communicate clearly with my audience, the platform I use will reflect my own personal brand.

I try to ask myself before posting anything, “Is it true?” “Is it positive?” and “Would that make me happy to see?”. It can be tempting to post just for ‘likes’ or to get something off your chest, but overall what does it actually achieve? I try to think of my sites as my “legacy” since they will long outlive me. How would an outsider view them? How would someone I care about think about them? I urge you to think in long-term scope about what you post and the content you associate yourself with by putting it out there.

I also recommend joining some professional groups to showcase on your resume or CV, LinkedIn, and other brand sites. Again, make sure that the groups are ones that will further your ambitions, align with your brand’s goals, and are worthy of your association. Birds of a feather and all that.

Here’s 3 groups I joined based on my interests:

  • Social Media Marketing- This is the LARGEST and most active social media marketing group on LinkedIn. It is intended for interactive advertising and marketing professionals who are actively engaged in social media and community-oriented websites around the world. I chose this to focus on promoting to mass audiences. I enjoy learning lessons from other like-minded professionals and think this will provide plenty of on-the-job learning experiences.
  • Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Women- Founded in April, 2012, The The Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Women’s mission is to connect like minded women, network, build relationships, learn from and support each other in personal and business growth. I want to join this group because I believe women are underrepresented in the business world. I look forward to networking and supporting others ideas.
  • Sound Matters – Music & Audio Technology Discussion Group- Sound matters is a music & audio technology blog. Our aim is to provided thought provoking articles about the music and audio industry on what really matters to musicians, consumers, producers, and industry professionals. This is a more personal interest/professional group that I want to join. The other two are more business-oriented, and while Sound Matters is not what you would typically call “social” it is more interesting to me in the field I will be working in.

I’ve enjoyed getting back on LinkedIn and cleaning up my profile. I realize there is a lot to keep updated across the many social media platforms out there and that I am really selling myself short for not keeping up with the professional aspect of social media. I’ve even re-downloaded the app back onto my phone so I can stay on top of changes and updates. I’m really looking forward to getting it in tip-top shape!
Expand your network- add me on LinkedIn.

Girl Out for the World





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