A Music Blog, Yea?

The first blog/vlog I started following was AMBY- A Music Blog, Yea? which is a Canadian music blog and is owned & operated by Alicia Atout.

AMBY covers music, the artists, interviews, events (including festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella), contests, and tons of content on their website contributed by several authors. They have quickly grown into one of the top 100 music blogs (currently ranked #49) and has won multiple awards in the few years it’s been around.

I follow AMBY because it aligns with my own personal brand and style, which is the love of music, artists, festivals, and having a positive outlook on life. New posts from AMBY make me smile, and I look forward to being introduced to new artists or learning something new about those I already know.

I admire Alicia’s interviewing skills as she always seems cool and at ease with all the bands and artists, which I know has to be tough for a diehard music fan. Her interviews are relaxed but well thought-out. She asks outside the box questions as well as questions that familiarize the audience while helping to understand the artists’s creative process.

Check out Alicia’s latest interview with Bear Hands – AMBY Bear Hands Interview and all her other awesome work at A Music Blog, Yea?.Girl Out for the World


Top 100 Music Blogs- Feedspot


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