5 Blogs I Want to Party With


You ever meet someone and know you’re going to be best friends?

How about feeling that way with someone you’ve never met?

I’ve got massive social media crushes on the 5 following blogs and just know if we ever met we’d click right away.

An Arts-Filled And Tasty Jaunt Through Life
This blog speaks to me. The way it ties reflections with songs and inspiration on an introspective level is similar to what I’d like to achieve in my personal writings. The mixture of music, art, travel, and honest writing is refreshing in the best way.
James Radcliffe, Musician. Music, Blog, Pictures, Live, News…
James is a musician and an artist who recently got a turntable and rediscovered the beauty of losing yourself in the music. I admire his views on life and the photos of his adventures are truly breathtaking.
We’re a bunch of students in communication passionated with music and social media.
Lisztomania is just starting out and has a small following, which I look forward to seeing grow. They have a post about social media and the music festival scene that talk about fan power and the impressive spread of images and videos to create desire and interest in festivals. I look forward to seeing what else this collective pumps out.
Rad music you’ve never heard before
Bands on the Rise had articles on Moon Taxi and the XX that caught my eye. I’ve enjoyed these bands for a few years now and was interested in their opinion on them. It wasn’t quite what I expected- they kept their posts clean and unbiased, writing more of an overall artist history and musical overview. I enjoy being introduced to new artists and being able to form my own opinions, so I think I will like checking them out without undue influence.
by thisisthevibe
This blog so far has opened me up to the most new music. It consists primarily of videos of smaller indie bands that I enjoy. It even gives recommendations for artists you may like, say if you listen to Bon Iver (which I do.) I enjoy the ease of this blog and the abundance of musical suggestions to dive into.
By the way, if any of the above blogs ever want to spin some vinyl and kick it…hmu. 🙂

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