How Social Media can Work for You

Like many people, I already have a LinkedIn account but knew it needed some updating to be more effective. I went online to refresh myself with the site and to expand my network of people and join some new professional groups. My brand is all about being social and attending/promoting events. I am interested in live music events (such […]

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A Music Blog, Yea?

The first blog/vlog I started following was AMBY- A Music Blog, Yea? which is a Canadian music blog and is owned & operated by Alicia Atout. AMBY covers music, the artists, interviews, events (including festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella), contests, and tons of content on their website contributed by several authors. They have quickly grown into one […]

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5 Blogs I Want to Party With

  You ever meet someone and know you’re going to be best friends? How about feeling that way with someone you’ve never met? I’ve got massive social media crushes on the 5 following blogs and just know if we ever met we’d click right away. 1.) Yeah, Another Blogger An Arts-Filled And Tasty Jaunt Through Life This […]

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Social Media Lessons Learned

I’ve just completed an 8-week course on social media and have only scratched the surface. I’ve learned a great deal about personal branding through social media- like how there are about a million different sites, platforms, apps and groups to help you reach audiences you never knew existed. I got really focused on cleaning up and […]

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Girl Out for the World

  I wanna see the world so bad I can taste it. Obsessed with music, traveling, art, and culture. I want to embrace as much as I can while I’m here. I work in a record store in the middle of the U.S. and travel as far and as often as I can in search of […]

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